Wednesday, February 3, 2010

greatness for the week

So as you have noticed I am not the world's most amazing blogger...being that this will be my second post after over two months...good job Sara!

I have discovered something grand about Missouri...we have roads that act like a free roller coaster! If you pick the right road and the right speed you will feel your stomach drop. I only recently noticed this because I am house/dog sitting for a friend and she lives way out in the middle of no where. I thought it didn't get any worse than where I was already.
Anyway, the drive to her house is the greatest part of my week this week because twice a day I get my own personal roller coaster ride and one even has a sunrise!.

That's my 'greatness' of the week!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


After seven long months of being at Fort Leonard Wood I have decided to do anything and everything to keep my sanity.

One day I got a call for a job offer and that they wanted to move me. When I was told I would be going to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri I had no idea what I was getting into. The area around here is so small its hard to find on the map.

When I got here I was told this base was nicknamed "Fort lost in the woods". I asked a number of people what there was to do in the area and their answers were "there is a lot to do, IF you like to do outdoors things". These lots of things include: hiking, canoe down a river, fishing, boating, golf, etc.

I thought, Ok not too bad, I like to hike and canoe. But where is the arts and craft store....over an hour away! Where is the closest art gallery, pottery store, clothing store, mall....all between 30 minutes to over an hour away.

I live in a town of less than 3,000 people. We have a Wal-mart and Lowe's.

Thats when I knew this would be a 'growing' for me.

But hey...what doesn't kill you makes me stronger...right

So I have decided to add Blogging to my list of things to do while in Missouri.